Dr. Sarah Spiekermann   –   Autorin und Professorin der Wirtschaftsinformatik

My Research Vision and Areas

True research is highly creative; the constant „re“-“searching“ of truth; a mode of being and thinking in constant flow. Deep waters of knowledge are the foundations to understand more of what we are looking for; a depth that we as researchers constantly need to nourish in ourselves. And still it is the ray of light or shadow in our minds that suddenly give us a clue on where truth may finally be buried. Only to find that it is never buried, but always in flow. My life is in this constant flow and the drops of knowledge I could contribute can be found here in my publication list. But it must also be noted: research is not a lonely endeavour. It is also a matter of discourse, dispute and constant co-operation. The journey of my thoughts and my companionships with others is captured in this site. At the core was always one mission: understanding how people interact with technology and then build technology such that it optimally serves their Eudaimonia.

Sarah Spiekermann, Ph.D.

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